Nouveau Traditionalis

(noun) "new traditions"
a wanky phrase I made up to name the type of interior design I love.
what I want to create for myself and my family as we make a fresh start in life
the inspiration I want to give my daughters to embrace change and create a life they love

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Faux living

Not real homes, but I’d live here anyway…



Furbish/I Suwanee



Black & Spiro


What about you? Spotted any “faux” spaces in which you would happily reside?

And this is my welcome back to blogging!

After some months being ridiculously busy juggling study, work, family life…I am excited to be back blogging and will start sharing some of my latest projects in the coming weeks. Thanks to everyone who persevered checking in on the blog whilst not much was happening!!


xx Romana

1 comment:

My Secret Rooms said...

Hi there! Good to see you :-)

I always want to live in those faux living places at IKEA, they're so clever and life, somehow, seems so simple there...!