Nouveau Traditionalis

(noun) "new traditions"
a wanky phrase I made up to name the type of interior design I love.
what I want to create for myself and my family as we make a fresh start in life
the inspiration I want to give my daughters to embrace change and create a life they love

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Summer Clean

I have had a little tidy up and re-organise on the blog, with a fresh updated blog list and other bits and pieces.
I love catching up with all these blogs on a daily basis, and hope you check them out too if you are not already a follower!
I am off for a week, going to (the very exciting!) my sister’s wedding. I hope to share a few pics once I am home in a little over a week :).

xx Romana


Anonymous said...

Have a lovely time at the wedding. Hope the weather is purrfect!!. Will have to check out some of the sites I haven't been to before in you blog list.

Lisa x

Samantha @ Black Velvet Chair said...

Hey Romana, When you get back You might like to pop over to my blog and check who was the winner of the bird print on dictionary paper giveaway ;) Samantha

Romana said...

Lisa - thanks, wedding was great. Will post about it very soon :)

Samantha!! Oh my gosh! wow!! :D many thanks xxx