Nouveau Traditionalis

(noun) "new traditions"
a wanky phrase I made up to name the type of interior design I love.
what I want to create for myself and my family as we make a fresh start in life
the inspiration I want to give my daughters to embrace change and create a life they love

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beddie Byes

Well, not quite.
There is still lots that I have planned for the girl’s bedrooms ;) (does it ever end?).
However, the construction side of their rooms is complete and we are loving the results. Here was the progression:
Looking from window towards doorway:
 renovation 091
Looking from window:
renovation 090
The wall colour is Dulux Antique white USA, although we got it colour matched with Haymes paint. We have painted numerous times with Dulux and have been very happy with the result, but the coverage from the Haymes paint was excellent! The Haymes undercoat-sealer also had a thicker consistency than the Dulux equivalent. I would love to hear anyone else’s thoughts if you have used either of these brands.
The new bedrooms were the perfect excuse to replace the character doona covers with some bright bedding. Bye bye Dora and Fifi!!
renovation 009
Miss I originally asked for a “rainbow” room, and later a purple themed room. I have to admit, I prefered to work with rainbow this time around. We choose the doona cover from Ikea and the rug sourced from Spotlight.
 renovation 012
The rug feels great underfoot and adds some needed colour to the room. It seems to be sitting quite nicely on the carpet, so I am happy with it for now. Her bed and “drawers” came with us from Adelaide. I will be looking at replacing the material basket liners, but for the moment they work with the colour scheme (and I’m not sure where the sewing machine is packed, lol), so they will stay for now.
So, what is on the to-do list for Miss I’s room?
1. The Ikea curtains have a 2.5m drop, but are still sitting a bit high for my liking. Ideally I would like them to just skim the floor when the curtains are open. I plan to sew a contrasting colour along the bottom edge to give the extra length needed. Miss I has asked for a light blue throw cushion for her bed, so am thinking of making the pillow and matching curtain panels in the blue. Maybe a mid sky blue?
2. Miss I wanted to paint a huge rainbow on her wall.
I fell over. I said no.
Compromise: buy a big canvas and let her go for it. The canvas will hang above her bed.
3. There is no built-in robe, so I found a nice large wardrobe in an op-shop. It needs cleaning up and a paint job, so that is up to me to get onto pronto. It will provide crucial storage for hanging clothes, shoes and some toy storage.
4. Some roll-away boxes for under the bed. More toy storage. Probably a bed-skirt to hide said boxes.
5. Miss I does not have a mirror in her room. In an effort to encourage her to take more responsibility for getting herself ready each morning I will hang a vintage mirror above her drawers. Should look sweet :)
6. Miss I has various mobiles that needed unpacking and hanging. They should add more of the rainbow colour she was hoping for.

I would love to hear what you think of the progress so far. Any ideas welcome too! I will share some shots of Miss T’s room in the next few days.



My Secret Rooms said...

I LOVE the white-and-pink baskets!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Romana,
I saw an image the other day of a rainbow inspired bedroom. They had ballet slippers hung on the wall in the colours of the rainbow. Whatever your daughters favourite thing to do is, maybe you could get something representing that, and frame them, or hang them - 1 for each colour of the rainbow. The display can then be as big or small as you like.

Lisa x